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Albuquerque Permanent Makeup

Glamology Ink offers permanent makeup services at our salon in Albuquerque.  We provide stunning beauty alternatives to traditional makeup routines—our permanent makeup will allow you to save time and money you would have spent on conventional cosmetics. Cosmetic tattooing can benefit those who, due to impaired motor skills, skin allergies, pigmentation conditions, or simply a lack of time, find typical makeup methods challenging or inconvenient. Permanent makeup is also great for covering unwanted scars and birthmarks. Everyone deserves to look and feel their best—no matter what your personal beauty goals are, the professional artists at Glamology Ink will help you achieve them. Check out our permanent makeup services and prices below!

Eyebrow Treatment


Birthmark.....75.00 additional.....50.00

Freckles Tattoo.....300.00

Eyelash Enhancement.....300.00

**Eyeliner Top OR Bottom.....275.00

**Eyeliner Top AND Bottom.....350.00


Ombre/Powder Brows.....500.00


Nanostrokes w/ Shading.....650.00

Lip Liner.....350.00

Full Lips.....450.00

Color Corrections.....150.00

5 Week Perfecting Appointment.....99.00

All permanent makeup procedures require a 5 week perfecting appointment.


Touch-up pricing is as follows:

within 1 year.....99.00

1 to 1 1/2 years.....150.00

1 1/2 to 2 years....200.00

after 2 years..... Full price of procedure

**EYELINER PROCEDURES: Before booking an eyeliner procedure you do need to contact us first. Not everyone is a candidate for permanent eyeliner, certain criteria must be met. If you book an eyeliner procedure online without talking to a technician at Glamology Ink and we are not able to perform your procedure you will lose your deposit.

If you would like a touch up on permanent makeup you got from another salon it would be full price for your first procedure with us. Before booking if you have old permanent makeup from a different salon we would need you to contact us first so we can see your permanent makeup to make sure we can work over it. For a faster response you can email pictures of your old microblading or permanent makeup to us at Please make sure all pictures are clear, good lighting, no filters and no makeup around the area. We would need a frontal view of both eyebrows and one of each eyebrow individually. We need to be able to see color of pigment in skin and how even the brows are.

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