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Albuquerque Permanent Makeup

Glamology Ink is a top-notch permanent makeup salon located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Our licensed beauty specialists provide the latest in cosmetic tattooing techniques. We help clients enhance and rejuvenate their natural beauty with permanent makeup. Learn more about our available services below!


  • Birthmark We utilize micro-pigmentation to add beauty marks desired by customers.

  • Eyelash Enhancement - We tattoo dots through the lash line giving a subtle yet fuller appearance to the eyelashes.

  • Eyeliner Top OR Bottom - We cosmetically tattoo color to the top, bottom, or both lash lines for a bolder or more defined appearance.

  • Microblading - We use a hand tool with a blade made up of tiny needles along with permanent makeup pigment to etch fine, hairlike strokes into the natural brow line.

  • Powder Brows - We tattoo pigment to the surface layer of skin for a long-lasting, powdery, faded front and a crisp tail that results in a similar appearance to that given by conventional brow makeup.

  • Microblading w/ Powder - We combine microblading and powder brow techniques for more natural shading and dimensions.

  • Nanostrokes w/ Powder - We use a tattoo machine to make hair strokes and combine with powder brow technique, the nanostrokes look similar to microblading except the nanostrokes last longer and cause less trauma to skin.

  • Lip Liner - We cosmetically tattoo color to the natural lip line for a subtle and crisp appearance.

  • Full Lips - We cosmetically tattoo lip color following the contour of the lips to alter uneven lip lines, fill out thin lips, and slim the appearance of full lips for a beautiful finished look.

Our team of industry professionals can help you achieve your beauty goals. You will look and feel great after visiting our permanent makeup salon in Albuquerque. Call us today at (505) 322-2714 or email to schedule an appointment at Glamology Ink!

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